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The Objective of this Web Site is to:

  • Publicize bats as one of the world's most fascinating and important animals,
  • Dispel harmful myths and
  • Recruit many enthusiastic bat supporters who can play a critical role in promoting their conservation, image and research.

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'It is unfortunate that the average person has a deep prejudice against the bat. Without looking or thinking for himself, he accepts a lot of absurd tales about the winged one, and passes them on and on, never caring for the injustice he does or the pleasure he loses.

The bat is the climax of creation in many things, highly developed in brain, marvelously keen in senses, clad in exquisite fur, and equipped, above all, with the crowning glory of flight.

He is the prototype and the realization of the Fairy of the Wood we loved so much as children, and so hated to be robbed of by grown-ups who should have known better. I would give a good deal to have a bat colony where I could see it daily and would go a long way to meet some new kind of bat.'

Ernest Thomas Seton, Wild Animal Ways, 1923

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"How many bats are essential to maintain the balance of nature? By the time it becomes an  issue, it may be too late."
Bat Conservation International


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